We at Solace, enable our employees (Solcrats) to stand out from the crowd, empower our customers (Solmats) to stay ahead of their competition and position Solace as the most reliable and innovative pharmaceutical company in Indian Pharma arena.

Solace Biotech Limited is firmly focused on its mission to develop and deliver innovative medicines in areas of unmet medical need. Since last seventeen years, Solace has built a culture of excellence. We are committed and passionate about positively impacting the lives of our customers and patients and delivering value to all of our business associates. Our values – integrity, innovation, teamwork, accountability and excellence – are evident in everything we do.

At Solace, success is not just about performance, it has always been about doing the right thing, it is about transforming and reinventing ourselves. It has also been the key trigger driving Solcrats to be creative in working together to innovate, execute and deliver extra ordinary products and services.

Recent Posts

  • Wall Of Fame

    Wall Of Fame

    As we claim that recognition is an integral part of the culture. Recognition radiates an aura of positivity into the workplace. we believe that happy and motivated Solcrats are more productive. That’s why we planned to start a new chapter in Solace by inaugurating our “Wall of Fame” to recognize and value the dedication and […]Read More »
  • Launching Eos Dermaceuticals

    Launching Eos Dermaceuticals

    As Solace Biotech Limited is a growth oriented organization, part of both our growth plans and our goal to better serve our Solmates, we have launched a Dermaceuitcal division in a gala evening at Hail Himalaya Camp Resort, Shoghi, H.P. on 29th April 2017. We incepted this division with an objective to create innovative and […]Read More »
  • Launching Solace Cardea

    Launching Solace Cardea

    Solace Biotech Limited is embarking on an exciting journey announcing formally the launching of our Cardiac & Diabetic division Solace Cardea on 29th April 2017 at a spectacular fun-filled evening at Hail Himalaya Camp Resort, Shoghi, H.P. The mega event was attended by all the Solcrats and some of our valued Solmates. Solace Cardea provides […]Read More »



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