At Solace, we take great pride in having established a culture that is built upon a unified set of values. It defines who we are as an organization and provide a guiding path in decision making.

Culture is the attitude we bring to work every day. It’s the habit of doing the right things, and doing things right. It shapes our attitude and guides us in whatever we do: respecting differences, beating deadlines, listening to each other, keeping promises, learning from each other and being actively engaged all the time.

It is the role of all team members to understand our culture, internalize it, live it, teach it, and reinforce it.


We believe that Teamwork makes the dream work. We encourage team work. Solcrats are known to be gracious, customer centric and humble. We work with an objective of providing a conducive environment where motivated team members flourish and perform to their highest potential. Solcrats have sustained sense of confidence , self esteem, enjoyment & engagement.


We are passionate about our people’s development. Through a diverse range of training, experience and exposure opportunities we support Solcrats to develop in their roles and build a solid foundation for their future career with us. From the first day, through to becoming leaders, Solcrats continuously undertake development and training programmes using 360 degree feedback. We encourage innovation and our motto is “To be better today “. We reward success and recognize failures as inevitable stepping stones for future success.


Trust and caring are what allow ordinary people to do extraordinary things. Our culture is reflected in the essence of our tag line: “Touching lives..Ensuring smiles…” We want our Solcrats to feel proud of working for a company that truly cares about people, goes the extra mile to do what’s right — in good times and bad — and believes that “better” is possible for everyone.


Solace believes in empowering and gainfully engaging its people. People development is amongst our top priorities. We define leadership as the act of establishing, sharing, and communicating our vision, and as the art of motivating others to understand and embrace our vision. We want all Solcrats to be able to lead themselves, lead the team, and lead the business. We provide them an environment that allows each of Solcrat to go beyond their limitation. Leaders learn from each other. We share ideas and search for the best ones. We’re always searching for the best way to improve our service, keep customers and attract new ones, increase revenue, and manage expenses. It’s not the strongest or richest companies that survive in our industry but those that best adapt to change and take full advantage of the knowledge and experience of the whole team.